Ecosteem Solar Power Solutions

Ecosteem solar power solutions is a photovoltaic system that generates electricity from sun light using solar panels mounted on the rooftop of residential, industrial or commercial building or structures. The typical capacity of rooftop solar system is around 5 kW. However, it can be anywhere between 1 kW to a few 500 kW. The Solar power solutions can be install on rooftop or on the ground, which is then called ground mounted solar system. The investment of Ecosteem solar system depends on the system size (1 kW, 3kw, 25 kW etc), system type (on-grid, off-grid, hybrid etc), and the type of technology products.

Solutions Features:

  • All our Solar PV Modules are from Tier 1 Solar PV Module manufacturers
    • Authorized Distributor for AE Solar
    • Authorized Dearler for REC Solar
      • REC Certified Solar Professional
    • Authorized Dealer for CSUN Solar
    • Authorized Dealer for ReneSola
  • Highly reliable Inverter technologies are used
    • Micro-Inverter from APSystems Inc. World second largest manufacturer
    • String Inverters from Growatt or KACO
  • Online monitoring facility can provide real time monitoring capability (available PC, Android, iOS platform)
  • Protection with RCCB, fuse and Surge are incorporated
  • Standardized Solar mounting structures with Anodize Aluminum structure

Available CEB Schemes for Solar Grid-Tie Systems

  •   * Net- Metering : All exporter energy can be used within the contact period will be deducted for electricity consumption
  •   * Net-Accounting : CEB will pay for excess export energy and rate for first 7 year, Rs.22.00 per kWh and next 13 years, Rs.15.50
  •   * Net-Plus : CEB will pay for all export energy and rate for first 7 year, Rs.22.00 per kWh and next 13 years, Rs.15.50